Lice Combs – The Best Lice Comb – Liquid Lice Comb

Lice Combs – The Best Lice Comb

Which is the best lice comb?

Do you need plastic or metal?

Do the teeth need to be a certain length?

Do the teeth need to be metal with grooves etched into them?

Is there one lice comb that works for all kinds of hair?

Is there a comb that works for ultra-fine hair on a young child as well as thick, coarse, curly hair on an older child or an adult?

The answer may surprise you...

The Best Lice Comb is actually NOT a comb at all!

We call it the Liquid Lice Comb.

Here's the problem.

There are so many different kinds of human hair that there is no such thing as "The Best Lice Comb" for everyone.

But we have the answer. More on that in a minute...

Head lice are very difficult to see. They cannot jump or fly, but they can crawl pretty quickly through a persons hair.

It is a very tedious and time-consuming process to get all the lice out of someone's hair with just combing.

Then there are the nits or lice eggs.

The nits don't move around obviously, but again, sometimes they are very difficult to see.

Usually the easiest nits to see are the ones that have already hatched. Once the bug leaves the egg, the remaining empty nit appears white.

But since it is empty, the empty lice egg sack is even MORE difficult to remove than a nit with the baby louse still inside.

That's because an empty nit becomes even THINNER than a human hair and it is very flexible.

Empty nits are hard to remove, but they are easy to see. That makes them a big problem for parents trying to get their children "nit free" so they can return to school.

So lice are a huge problem and finding the right lice comb for your situation is a difficult task.

Plus even if you get the perfect comb for your hair, getting them out with just combing is very hard to do.

The Answer!

The answer to these head lice and nit problems is to use our new invention:

The Liquid Lice Comb!

There is no other product on the market like this!

Liquid Lice Comb is an all natural product made from enzymes.

Enzymes are what help you digest your food.

There are many different kinds of enzymes and they can be combined into "recipes" or "formulas" that are tailored to digest specific things.

In humans, our bodies produce enzymes to digest meats, fruits and vegetables.Liquid Lice Comb is a formula of different enzymes designed to digest INSECT PROTEINS!

This is a HUGE discovery and it makes lice combs obsolete.

You no longer have to do the tedious job of combing with a fine-tooth comb.

No more missing one or two bugs that start the infestation all over again!

That's because Liquid Lice Comb literally digests the exoskeletons of the lice, the egg sacks the baby lice are developing in, and the glue that holds the nits attached to the hair!

And since it kills the bugs AND the eggs, you no longer have to subject your children and yourselves to the harsh, dangerous chemical pesticides!

(Did you know that one treatment of RID or NIX has more poison in it than a can of RAID? wOULD YOU SPRAY AN ENTIRE CAN OF RAID ON YOUR CHILD'S HEAD? OF COURSE NOT! But that's what you've been doing every time you use a chemical pesticide based treatment - even the ones perscribed by your doctor!)

Liquid Lice Comb's enzymes have no effect on human or animal proteins. They only digest insect proteins.

They are totally safe to use, even on babies!

And since they are harmless to humans, you can use the enzymes in Liquid Lice Comb anytime you see another louse or nit.

No more waiting 7 days to treat again!

Liquid Lice Comb is super easy to use, super safe, and it even kills "Super-Lice."Stop wasting money on poisons.

Stop spending hours of tedious combing.Get Liquid Lice Comb and you will have the best and safest tool to use as you fight the head lice that have infested your family and the families of people in your and your children's circle of friends.

Order some Liquid Lice Comb right now and finally be done with lice.

P.S. CLICK HERE to order some Liquid Lice Comb - the Best Lice Comb that is actually not even a comb!

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